Yojimbo - the aikido card game

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2 – 5 players
from 7 years 
30 – 45 min.
print & play ( print´n´play ) for free 

YOJIMBO - the aikido card game is built up on the real aikido techniques. Techniques used in the game are basic aikido techniques and all aikido practitioners knows them, although some of them under different names.
I used the names of  Masatomi Ikeda 7. DAN Aikikai system.


I recomend to read The Rules before printing cards on thick sheets on color printer.

How to setup YOJIMBO – aikido card game:
Start with printing Attacs.
Printed sheets put into the color printer again the way the printer will print on the other side of the sheets Defences.
Check before printing, wheter on the on side of card „Aikido dojo Uzumaki“ will be printed card „YOJIMBO“. If yes, then papers are correctly in the printer, and you can start printing cards of Defences.
Printed bilateral cards cut up by the Attack card borders.
Caution! Cut up through the middle of the card border, so the Attack cards stayed borded.  
Printig on the thin sheets:
If your color printer does not print thick sheets, print Attacks and Defences separately and then glue them to the thick sheet. 
You can buy complete YOJIMBO cards for 20,- Eur. Just send me an e-mail: sk@aikidouzumaki.sk 
YOJIMBO – the aikido card game is free to download and play to anybody.
If you have got any questions or opinions about the game, do not hesitate and contact me by e-mail: sk@aikidouzumaki.sk

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